Our Team:

Soujanya Dasari - Architect
Vinod Krishna Battepati - Architect, 2D & 3D Visualizer

Our goal is to provide our clients with services of a high professional standard and to ensure client’s satisfaction at each finished product. Utilizing our services in the areas of Architectural, Design and Manufacturing drawings will allow you to more effectively manage your in-house resources, focus on core capabilities, and plan for expansion. Our professional and quality services at low-cost will accelerate your business growth by reducing cost and increasing profitability. It will also effectively allow you to take advantage of the 24 hour global work day, without compromising Quality, Commitment and Confidentiality of finished product.

Who we work with:

Architects, Interior designers, Millwork Manufacturers, Developers and Owners.

Uttam Technologies
B502, Lingaraju Mansion, 5th Main,
BOB Colony, 7th Phase, JP nagar,
Bangalore, Karnataka,
India – 560 078.

Mobile: (+91) 996 368 5890.
Email : architect.sona@gmail.com
Skype: architect.sona